A tribute to taste and tradition

Treat yourself to a pleasant experience with our refined italian taste


Our Gelato is and will always be handmade locally: all our flavors, from the traditional ones to our specialties, are made fresh everyday, just for your pleasure.

Chocolate is the most important ingredient of our artisanal production: eight types of cocoa from all over the world are transformed everyday in our workshops to let your favorite Gelato flavors become true.


Breakfast is one of the most important daily rituals in Italy.
A good espresso or cappuccino with hot croissant are considered the best way to welcome a new day.

Entering a Chocolat Milano store in the early morning, you just need to sit down and order one of our handmade cakes, with fresh orange juice to have an inspiring beginning.



Our menu is created to offer you a light but tasty lunch, combining traditional Italian flavors with genuine and great raw materials.

At Chocolat Milano we present a rich selection of panini, made with different kind of typical Italian breads, fresh salads and plates, like Caprese or Valtellina, as delicious alternatives to savour your meal.


It’s always the right time to spoil yourself with a good dessert or Gelato, in a cozy and elegant atmosphere.
Enjoy a Chocolat Milano moment, eating one of our chocolate specialties, be it our blueberries and chocolate pie, or dark chocolate Cantucci. And if outside it’s cold, warm your break with one of our spicy hot chocolates.


Our chocolate dragées, pralines, or slabs, are the perfect gift for yourself or your beloved. Handmade by our artisans, packed in simply and refined confections, they are just waiting for you to taste them.

Don’t forget our take away gelato box to recreate the authentic Chocolat Milano mood while relaxing at home.