Chocolat Milano is a brand owned by Italian Concept, a consulting company founded upon over 60 years of experience in the world of artisanal Gelato.
From furnishings to technical assistance, from employee training to marketing, we can offer our clients a complete know-how for the management of a successful shop.

Our vision
and mission

We want to change the way in which luxury is perceived in the Food and Beverage sector.

Our objective is to make dessert a unique moment, through high-quality products and promoting an accessible luxury experience in a welcoming environment.

Magical atmosphere

At Chocolat everything is special, everything is magic

Discover the essence of a glamourous and elegant environment and enjoy the magic of our products.

Chocolat Milano in numbers

We export the passion for Italian Gelato around the world




clients in one year, our record of visits

10 tons

of carefully selected cacao mixed each year in our Milanese laboratory

50 tons

of Gelato sold each year

We inspire
your business

Our project meets the needs of entrepreneurs looking for diversification opportunities

With Chocolat Milano you can increase the volume of your business and improve the image and reputation of your company, thanks to the fame of an Italian brand in Food and Beverage. The quality of the project is perfect for brands whose uniqueness places them in the medium-high category.


Flexible solutions for your Chocolat Milano

A team of highly qualified professionals will take care of every detail of the project, before, during and after store opening.