Chocolat Milano is a trademark owned and distributed by Italian Concept,
a consulting firm founded on more than 60 years of experience in the artisanal gelato production.
From interior design to technical assistance, from training to marketing,
we are able to provide our clients a complete and thorough know-how

Our vision
and mission

We want to change the way luxury is perceived in the F&B sector.

Our mission is to improve the dessert experience through accessible and reliable premium quality products and to promote the affordable luxury experience in a welcoming ambient.

Magic atmosphere

It’s all special, it’s all magic

Discover the essence of a glamour ambient and elegant interiors. Chocolat Milano celebrates food and beverage with a refined atmosphere.

Chocolat Milano in numbers:

We export the Italian chocolate passion worldwide

5 millions

customers in more than 10 years of activity


customers in one year: our record attendance

10 tons

of selected cocoa are blended every year in our Milanese workshop

50 tons

of gelato sold every year in our venue in Milano

We inspire
your business

Our project interprets the need for entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to diversify

With Chocolat Milano you can increase your business volume, the image and the reputation of your company, thanks to the notoriety of an Italian brand in the F&B sector, which has created stores positioned in a medium-high range.


Flexible solutions for your Chocolat Milano

A team of highly skilled professionals will take care of every single detail of your project, before, during and after the store opening.