History and Culture

A timeless interpretation of the art of Gelato


Everything started in Milan in 2002, when the first Chocolat shop opened in via Boccaccio 9, just a few steps away from Leonardo’s Last Supper and the medieval Castello Sforzesco.
Chocolat Milano was created through the initiative of a group of chefs and Italian entrepreneurs working in the Gelato industry, that wanted to instill their lengthy experience in a project that was missing from the city. The atmosphere that we create in our shops, the products that we offer our clients, are the outcome of that knowledge and the result of our passion and commitment, which is renewed every day.



We conceive our passion for food as a lifestyle. We believe that beauty and quality can be found in caring for small but important details. The traditions of our country are our main source of inspiration. We value the artisanal way of working, with care, hands and heart. Perfection is nothing without happiness, just as a coffee break is nothing without chocolate.